Amundsen Campaign Maps

The complete 2014 Amundsen Expedition will run from 08 July to 12 October. The Amundsen will depart from Quebec City, and make stops in Resolute, Kugluktuk, Barrow and Iqaluit before completing her long journey back in Quebec City at the Canadian Coast Guard Base. NETCARE scientists will be conducting project sampling operations through Legs 1a and 1b.

This map provides an overview of the entire 2014 Amundsen Expedition, with Legs 1a and 1b taking place in July and August.

Leg1a of the expedition begins with the Amundsens departure from it's home port of Quebec City on 08 July. The ship will then head directly to Lancaster Sound to conduct sampling operations at selected ArcticNet stations, and to study the sources and impacts of aerosols in the Arctic as part of the NETCARE project. The ship will then head to Resolute for a science rotation.

During the expeditions first stop in Resolute a changeover of some of the NETCARE scientists will take place. To start Leg1b, the Amundsen will head to Scott Inlet where science teams will carry out a full suite of oceanographic sampling operations. From there the ship will continue eastward towards Greenland and then north conducting sampling operations at selected stations along the way. The Amundsen will then sail through the Northwest Passage and make it's second stop in Kugluktuk on 14 August for a full crew change and science rotation.