Amundsen 2016 Campaign

It's hard to believe that the NETCARE campaign on board the CCGS Amundsen has already been in operation for 2 weeks . We were sad that Joannie left us at Qikiqtarjuaq for the science crew rotation but were excited to welcome Marjo, Aude and Doug. There are now ten of us on board studying different aspects of how the ocean and atmosphere interact, including dimethyl sulphide concentrations in the water and the atmosphere, plankton taxonomy, ammonia sources and sinks, sea spray emissions, and ice and liquid

cloud formation. 



Today we successfully deployed the skimmer for the second time this leg. It collects surface microlayer and bulk water, which we will be analyzing for various biological, chemical and physical properties. Details from some of these measurements will be described by others later.



Route for the Amundsen 2016
Route for the Amundsen 2016





The first part of this leg has been in Davis Strait but we are moving into Baffin Bay followed by Nares Strait and there will be many opportunities for sampling in the ocean. 


-Rachel Chang, NETCARE Investigator

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