HQP Training at UDAL

In spring 2016 (from May 15 to 20), I had the opportunity to visit Rachel Chang and also meet with Richard Leaitch at Dalhousie University in Halifax to discuss and learn more about NETCARE’s aircraft observations related to cloud micro-physical processes and aerosols. It was an exciting journey traveling all the way from Canada’s west coast (Victoria, BC) to the east coast (Halifax, NS).

Richard Leitch (left), Rashed Mahmood (centre), Rachel Chang (right)
Richard Leitch (left), Rashed Mahmood (centre), Rachel Chang (right)

The meeting was motivated by the proposed simulations of the observed cloud micro-physical properties using a single column model. Most of the discussions were related to comparing single column model simulations, and GCM simulations, with aircraft measurements. We were particularly lucky to have Richard for discussions on aircraft measurements that clarified many questions that we had regarding observations and single column model simulations. Special thanks to Rachel Chang for hosting this event and to Richard Leaitch for giving us time and providing his expert opinions and thoughts both on observations and model simulations.


-Rashed Mahmood, NETCARE Post-Doctoral Fellow

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