December Arctic Change Meeting

In the second week of December, many of us who are part of NETCARE attended the annual ArcticNet meeting, Arctic Change, in Ottawa. I very much enjoyed the meeting, for two very different reasons (apart from the delicious food and seeing friends from the Amundsen): first, how much great science there was that directly related to my work, and second, how much great work there was being done that I didn't know about and got to learn about.

Some great talks and posters as well as more informal chats gave me many ideas for my own work as well as giving rise to what I hope will be fruitful collaborations. Learning more about what goes on in ArcticNet, particularly some of the social science aspects, was an unexpected benefit that I am very thankful for. I can't speak for others, but everyone certainly seemed to be enjoying themselves as much as I was! The beautiful snow that fell while we were there was an extra bonus for this Torontonian missing Montreal winters


-Emma Mungal, NETCARE Graduate Student

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