Amundsen - Last day of Leg1a

Yesterday, July 24th, was the last day of Leg 1a. During leg 1a, I measured DMS concentration on the board of the CCGS Amundsen. Also I was very lucky and I had the opportunity to collect some air samples from different melt ponds with the oceanographic team. 

Sulfur isotope ratios (34S/32S) offer a way to estimate the oceanic DMS contribution to aerosols formation. I will study the chemical and isotopic composition of size fractions for sulphate aerosols collected by High Volume sampler on the board of the ship. I collected aerosol samples at the same time as precipitation and fogs to compare the characteristics of aerosols in each size fraction with the characteristics of the sulfate in the precipitation. This measurement will allow us to explain the contribution of DMS oxidation in aerosol activation.


-Roghayeh Ghahremaninezhad, NETCARE Graduate Student

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