Amundsen - The end of Leg1a

On the last day of Leg 1a, we are sitting in the ice edge just south of Resolute, ready for the science crew change tomorrow. The sun has come out and exposed the landscape, making a stark change from the last few days of fog and rain. The contrast between the blue of the open water of the lead and the white and light blues of the ice is striking, and highlights the soft browns of the mountains. I am very curious about the ground and wish that I could visit the land - I can't tell from here what the textures are. When I get back, I will ask my colleagues who were in Resolute for the Polar6 campaign my questions: what is the brown colour - rocks or dust? Is there lichen on them? What does it smell like? I can see Resolute in the distance, a tiny collection of buildings. They look like Monopoly pieces. I knew that it wasn't a very big village, but seeing it is different. After so many days of seeing only ocean, fog, clouds, and ice, it was a big surprise to me this morning when I saw those man-made structures.


-Emma Mungall, NETCARE Graduate Student

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