POLAR6 - A turn in the weather

Today was the third day that we were surrounded by persistent fog and it’s only now that I realize how lucky we were during the first half of the campaign: sunshine and low winds for almost 10 days in a row. It was a very pleasant first impression of the Arctic. 


At the moment flying is impossible as visibility is hardly 30m and the weather forecast doesn’t look so good either: some more low pressure systems are on their way to Resolute. Ralf, our weather expert, is doing his best to identify possible periods of fairly cleared up conditions that might permit the next research flight. We all hope that this will be the case tomorrow and that we can start with sampling the ship plume of the Amundsen in Pound Inlet. 


In the meantime data analysis and instrument calibrations have kept us busy. Besides, I found as well time to sort out my pictures and here are a few impressions of the many spectacular views we have enjoyed so far.


-Julia Burkart, NETCARE Postdoc

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