Amundsen - The day before departure

The ship leaves Quebec City tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m., so today has become a bit of a mad scramble with trips to Home Depot and rushes (in my case) to an internet cafe to download emails and papers I had forgotten I needed.


The hot weather has broken, so I have finally turned on all the instruments (SMPS, CPC, CCNC and HR-ToF-CIMS) in the Control Room Container on the foredeck. It's quite noisy in there now with all the pumps on, but the temperature seems reasonable, i.e. not sweltering. Fingers crossed that it'll stay that way!

With the cool weather has come rain. We're not worried about rain getting into our inlets, though, because of the extremely high tech rain caps we made for them (I am of course referring to the Club Soda bottle and the bowl with a hole drilled in it, silhouetted against the sky in the photo).

The last thing I have left to do is set up my heated 80 foot inlet line. It is going to be run up a tower on the foredeck. The tower has only begun to be set up because Tim Papakyriakou, whose tower it is, was in Greenland on another field campaign until very recently and just arrived on the Amundsen today. I'm hoping that the inlets will go up the tower later this afternoon.

I am very excited to get going! I expect the trip up the St. Lawrence to be very beautiful, and of course I am beside myself with the idea that we'll be in the Arctic so soon. I have to say, though, that the closer we get to casting off the smaller the ship seems. It's hard to believe we'll spend six weeks within its confines. But at least the bunks are cosy!


-Emma Mungall, NETCARE Graduate Student

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    Jennifer Wentworth (Tuesday, 08 July 2014 07:25)

    Bon voyage and happy researching to all!