Amundsen - Departing Quebec City

Today we left Quebec City, it was an emotional moment when the side of the boat wasn’t actually touching the port anymore ‘oh my god, this is it!’ ran through our heads, ‘We’re on a real Arctic expedition!’. A few people were waving the boat off at port and most of us were on the bridge, waving as we made our way. The city of Quebec is beautiful, we went past the Montmorency falls and along the Saint Lawrence River as it widened. 


I decided to turn the APS on but to no avail as I had not set it to continuously sample and so it took one ten minute sample and stopped, oh dear! I only realised this once I started sampling with the SSI and the APS readings had been the same for a while. I also realised that the smoke stack is going to be a BIG problem. I don’t know whether to make detailed observations all the time (and by all the time I mean, I need to know whether the smoke stack has moved every 5 minutes!) or to just only try to sample when I KNOW the conditions are good. Plan A means more work but probably more and better samples, plan B means less work…less samples…hmmm. What to do? 


-Vickie Irish, NETCARE Graduate Student

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